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Advertisements for Architecture 2010

Frequently Asked Questions...

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Email questions to:

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Is it possible to enter this exhibition in collaboration with another person?

Absolutely. One of you will need to register and if your Stage 1 entry is selected we will supply a form requesting your full details and who the team members are. This way we will ensure that all the details are correct for the catalogue and the exhibition and that you get full credit for your entry.

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Will there be any cash prizes?

No, but there is a $150 book voucher from Architext for the People's Choice Award winner.

***Anyone wishing to sponsor a prize is welcome to contact us***

For information please contact:

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How would I register if I'm a graduate of an undergraduate architecture course and yet to start my masters - so not technically a student and not yet a professional?

To encourage students currently on holidays or between degrees and recent graduates to participate student registrations will be accepted from anyone providing a student identification card that is currently valid or valid at some point in the 12 months before the registration date ie. 20 September 2009 - 20 September 2010.

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Where does my registration fee go?

It takes a lot of time and money to organise an exhibition of this kind and while we have some sponsorship not all of the costs are covered. Last year every registration fee we collected went into producing the exhibition and catalogue. OpenHAUS organises this event to promote architecture and the architectural profession and we hope that people who are interested in doing the same will enter.

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Is is feasible to use images of my own work in my advertisement?

You may use images of your own work as long as you do not use them to advertise your firm blatantly/directly. Instead you should use them to say something about architecture, to communicate and promote an architectural idea or architecture in general.

The exhibition should not be viewed as a forum for promoting individual firms/practices but rather as a forum for promoting architecture and reflecting on the architectural profession.

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The competition states an A0 presentation board for the Stage 2, however Stage 1 invites A4 portrait images. Is this for ease of administrating/printing?

Stage 1 requests A4 size for ease of selection and administration. These A4 images, if selected, are also the ones that will be used in the catalogue and therefore must match the Stage 2 artwork.

Ideally you would create your ad at A0 but shrink it to A4 for the Stage 1 submission. This way if you entry is selected for exhibition the file is ready to go.

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Some imagery is more suitable to landscape printing. Can I submit in landscape format?

Unfortunately we cannot accept landscape artwork due to exhibition constraints - your artwork must be portrait.